Driving A Dog In Toronto Is Harder Then Flying A Pig In New-York

With the new guidelines from the Department of Transportation now in place you can fly your assistance animal – a pig, monkey or horse, anywhere you like. As long as it is an ‘assistance animal’. A word of advice – stay away from Toronto, unless you want to walk from the airport that is:

‘The first driver in line headed towards me to start loading my luggage.

It was when he grabbed Kishka’s kennel and realized a dog was in there that he turned around quickly and waved me away.

The second driver, also a visible minority, said “No” the moment I approached him.

The second driver — who works for McIntosh Limousine — refused to give me a reason for refusing me or his name.

Thankfully, a third driver eventually pulled up. He had no issue transporting Kishka, who promptly fell asleep in his kennel the moment we hit the highway.

What I realized is that this occurs quite often not only at the airport but in Toronto proper and is happening due to religious reasons — that is, because dogs are considered unclean in certain religions.

In fact, Gail Beck-Souter, general manager of Beck Taxi that operates about 900 cars in Toronto, confirms that if certain Muslims take a dog in their vehicle, they are required to go home and shower afterwards (before they pray).’

I would think that for a taxi to drive off and leave a disabled person on the curbside because they have an assistance dog is a case of discrimination and a violation of human rights. How odd that animal advocates and human rights activists are silent on this issue.

Hello! Calling on Canada’s human rights defenders. The silence is deafening!

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