‘That Seat Is Reserved For My Pig!’ Assistance Pets Given Green Light To Fly

Get ready to share your aeroplane seat with a pig, a horse or a monkey. I am not joking – with the new Department of Transportation (DoT) guidelines just published, the diabled are entitled to bring assistance animals with them on frights:

Other animals that are commonly used as service animals and are permitted to board flights with their owners include miniature horses and monkeys. Minature horses are considered a financially practical alternative to dogs because of their long lifespans. However, the DoT guidelines note that all cases will be considered on an individual basis, and the owner also has to provide their animal with a ‘relief area’. The animals can be turned away if they are too big to fly in the cabin, are too heavy or will disrupt the flight. There are some animals that won’t be allowed to ride with their owners, including spiders, snakes, rodents and ferrets.’

What? No ferrets? But I use my ‘assistance ferret’ to fetch my morning paper! That’s a blatant violation of my human rights!

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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