Why an iPad For Your Dog Is Not A Crazy Idea


Eric Stonestreet’s dog is getting one so how about yours? OK, I know you think that this is out there but there are good reasons why you may want to consider an iPad for your dog. Well, maybe not right now but soon. Very soon.

So here are the reasons:

– The LCD type screen is perfect for your dog’s vision. Dogs can not recognize the images of the old style tube TVs (the image updating is too slow) but with the technology advancing the screen is now good enough to be viewed and images recognized by a dog.

– Apps, apps, apps. We all love them. Just like there are apps for just about everything you ever wanted so there should be an app for your dog. Well, as soon as somebody writes one. I have some great ideas, by the way. How about ‘Woofpress’? Well, I thought it was clever.

– Speech is so overrated! It has often been said that the ability to speak is what separates people from animals. Well, who needs speech if you’ve got touchscreen! With appropriate coding, a touchscreen can be made to respond to ‘bigger fingers’ of dogs. Say, a yes-or-no keyboard can be easily made with two large color-coded buttons on the screen.

There is still the problem of the iPad being too fragile to be handled by a dog (I don’t want any tooth marks on mine. Agree?) But a suitable rugged cover would be simple to create.

So, to all the programmers out there, there is an untapped market with hundreds of thousands of potential buyers out there (and their people) . So stop reading and start coding! And if you are looking for a dog savvy business partner, this Veterinarian is open for offers.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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