Maybe I Will Just Quit And Let A Judge Perform Surgery Instead!


I do a lot of writing, as the pages of this publication will attest. And all of you, my loyal readers know not many things get me upset. Well, other then innocent animals being put down that is.

But this piece of news is right up there.

A Judge has ruled that Pit Bulls are ‘inherently dangerous’ and can not be covered by pet insurance:

‘On April 26th of this year, Maryland’s Court of Appeals ruled that pit bulls and pit bull mixes are “inherently dangerous” animals. The result of the court’s determination was that anyone who rented space to an owner of these types of dogs was potentially liable for injuries inflicted by their tenant’s pets. Another result of the court’s ruling has been the eviction of an unspecified number of tenants who own pit bulls or pit bull mixes and shelters putting these types of dogs down to avoid liability for their actions.’

Frankly, this is so insane I don’t know where to begin. What is ‘inherently dangerous’ and what parameters did the judge use to establish this fact? Did he perform behavior testing? Did he examine statistical data? Does he consult experts in animal behavior and aggression?

I have conducted extensive research in this area and can rely on years of professional experience. Rest assured, if the judge would have done any of those things he would not have arrived at this decision.

Pit Bulls are undoubtedly capable of doing damage. The fact is, they are no more inherently prone to aggression then many other dog breeds, large and small.

The immediate consequence of this judgement is that responsible, law abiding Pit Bull owners will be legally liable.

It is disappointing when the public is swayed by sensationalist media coverage. It is disturbing when figures of authority behave in the same way! All we ask is that judges do their job of interpreting the law and leave animal behavior decisions to the experts in that area. Maybe a judge could step into my Veterinary clinic and do surgery for me. Then again, I am sure I can render better legal decisions then that Maryland Court judge can.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne

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  1. Agreed. NO dog, no breed is ‘inherently dangerous’. There is also no such thing as ‘lockjaw’, and in bite pressure tests, PitBulls came way down on the list of results, behind German Shepherds and many other family dogs. It angers and scares me greatly to think that people are baying in the UK for Staffies to be banned as a breed.

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