How Twitter Helped Find A Lost Dog

Here is a nice story about a dog boarding a train and finding his owner via Twitter:

Irish Rail sent a “Lost dog!” tweet with a photo attachment after the Jack Russell terrier arrived with Wednesday morning commuters on a train from rural Kilcock, County Kildare, an hour’s ride away.

After more than 500 retweets in just 32 minutes, the photo found Patch’s owner, Deirdre Anglin, who tweeted the state railway: “That’s my dog!”

The episode underscored the ubiquitous use of mobile-friendly social media sites in Ireland, a tech-savvy corner of Europe where cell phones were the norm long before they were in the United States.’

Yes, social networking is great. And yes, if your dog goes missing – use all the channels of communication you have available:

  • Call local Veterinarians
  • Call the Council and local shelters
  • Put signs up in the area
  • Call, tweet, facebook your friends and acquaintances.

But please don’t let all of that overshadow the fact that the best way to be reunited with your dog is to have your dog microchipped and keep the microchip details up to date.

By the way, if your dog goes missing – I have hundreds of Veterinary connections on my Twitter account and will be very happy to re-tweet you info+dog’s picture.

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Dr Vadim Chelom is a Registered Veterinarian, a writer and an educator

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