Sammy Has No Comment. His Lawyer Will Make A Statement Shortly

So you though dogs can’t blog! Sammy the Pomeranean featured on the blog ‘Sammy And The City‘ shows you just how well dogs can blog, run a business and even handle multi-million-dollar lawsuits.

Now, it goes without saying that every successful entertainer relies on a good support team. And there is nothing worse then the support team not working together.

In Sammy’s case, the let-down is the messy break-up of Sammy’s owners Scott Smith and Anna Camara. Now that the pair have split, Smith has filed a  lawsuit alleging that Camara has stolen the website and locked him out. A financial fortune is at stake!

The good news for Smith is that even if he doesn’t have the website, he still has Sammy.

Then again, dogs embroiled in law suits is nothing new:

‘In May, Craig Dershowitz accused his ex-girlfriend of dognapping his beloved puggle named Knuckles.

He claims his ex-girlfriend was taking care of Knuckles while he was looking for a new place to live after their breakup, according to the petition Dershowitz created for people to donate to the “rescue knux” cause.

But when he returned for the pooch, the ex, whom he portrays as the villainess Cruella de Vil in a video on the site, had left New York and was on her way to California, taking Knuckles with her.’

With the Disney Channel about to run a TV show ‘A Dog With A Blog‘, may I suggest a new project ‘A Dog With A Multi-Million-Dollar Lawsuit’.

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