That Police Dog Just Keeps Finding Drugs! Somebody Do Something!

I have heard absurd but this lawyered-up story from Virginia is ridiculous!

Let me set it up for you: In Virginia the Police can’t just stop a perfect stranger and search them for drugs. That would be a violation of human rights, right? So what the Police need is a ‘probable cause’. In case of Herbert Green pulled over for a traffic violation, the ‘probable cause’ was the Police dog indicating that drugs were present in the car.

Now a lawyer for Herbert Green is arguing that since a Police dog is sometimes wrong, just indicating the presence of drugs in not enough of a ‘probable cause’. Except… there actually were drugs in the car – 1.5kg of cocaine, in fact.

‘A dog with a sharp nose for drugs can be a great asset to any police department, but in the case of a German shepherd named Bono, accuracy is not his strongest suit.

The four-legged crime fighter working for the Virginia State Police has been on a hot streak, detecting drugs nearly every time he’s on the job. In reality, however, illegal narcotics were found just 22 times of the 85 ‘alerts’ by the dog.

That was the argument public defender Randy Cargill representing Herbert Green, 45, tried to use to suppress the 1.5kilogram of cocaine found in his client’s SUV with Bono’s help.’

I think that dog urgently needs more training. Not scent training, mind you: Human Rights training!

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