Urgent Warning On Flea Collars


To all readers who own dogs and cats:
Please don’t use flea collars. Not even on your dogs. The active ingredient inside flea collars can be toxic to cats. Especially small cats. The toxicity can be absorbed not just by wearing but also by chewing or even coming into contact with the collar:

‘The 5-week-old striped tabby had a chance for a good life. But just three days after the young rescued kitten was fitted with a flea collar bought at a pet supply shop, he was dead on arrival at a mobile veterinary clinic in the Bronx.

It is well known in the veterinary world and most flea-collar packaging specifically states, not to use them on young kittens,” said Garo Alexanian, founder of the Companion Animal Network.’

Why do people buy flee collars? Because they are cheap. They also don’t work. I mean not at all. I have seen fleas jumping on and off the collar happily with no Ill effects. They are also toxic. The main ingredient – pirethrin, is a deadly poison to cats. I have seen cats go into convulsions and die just by lying down next to a dog wearing a collar.

So dear readers, I urge you to avoid flea collars and invest your money into better products that work. Don’t go for ‘cheap’. You will end up paying more – much, much more.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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