‘Life In The Doghouse’ Can Be Luxury. Unless You Are A Dog, That Is

Yes, that’s a doghouse

Multiple living quarters, climate control and carpets? Welcome to the modern american doghouse:

‘MANY of them have carpeting, heating and air-conditioning, indoor and outdoor lighting, elaborate music and entertainment systems. Some are even eco-friendly, with solar panels or planted green roofs. In fact, the only superfluous accessory in the modern doghouse may be the dog

…Traditionally, doghouses were where dogs actually lived, separate from the family. But now that dogs are increasingly considered members of the family, their homes are becoming more like second homes — and in some cases, they’re entirely ornamental.’

I have written frequently about the dangers of treating dogs like people. This is but a symptom of that problem.

The irony is, the one who suffers most from such treatment will be the dog himself.

Dogs need discipline, they need obedience work and goal-oriented activities. A life of idle luxury is foreign to dogs. It breeds obesity and anxiety. Want to make a dog happy? Give him structure and a goal in life! If only someone would tell those people.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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