Hilary Swank Believes In “No Kill Policy’. I Believe In Facing Reality

I have seen first-hand how a dog changes a path of the soul.’ Pronounced Hilary Swank in Bucharest to the general applause. At the last count, the Google News article count about her ran at 116 articles. That’s publicity for you.

Hilary also believes in No-Kill shelters, which is great because nobody likes those nasty ‘Kill’ shelters, do they?

Now, I am all for No-Kill shelters. I am all for No-Kill everything if you ask me, that’s why I became a Veterinarian – because I like to help animals, not kill them. But for all those lobbying from your living rooms for ‘No-Kill’, I ask you just one question. What do you do with a dog who has been mistreated to a point where he is aggressive, unsociable, a danger to people, has a chronic incurable disease. Now what do you do if you are getting 5, 10, 15 dog like this a day (A DAY!). Where do you find enough foster carers and experts to rehabilitate all of those dogs for adoption? Where do you find the money to keep and manage all those dogs if your animal shelter is running at a million dollar loss every year?

I have worked in an animal shelter where dogs are euthanased every year and I had to make the tough decisions. And when you find a workable alternative, drop me a line and let me know.

In the mean time just remember – you may be lobbying from your living room while someone else out there is making the tough calls.


About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim Chelom is a Registered Veterinarian, a writer and an educator

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