Wi-Fi. The Solution To Dog Poo Problem?

For decades city councils have fought a loosing battle against dog poo litterers. They have tried everything – fines, incentives, even dog DNA testing to identify offenders. But now a new idea from Mexico looks like the best, cheapest, most elegant solution I have ever seen:

‘Dog poop in public parks can really be the pits – however a new campaign by DDB in Mexico includes a genius incentive to get dog owners to clean up their pup’s leavings. For every “deposit” made in a specially sanctioned receptacle, the surrounding area will get free Wi-Fi, paving the road to the information superhighway with poop.’

I don’t get very excited about very many things but this idea got me positively jumping up and down! It’s simple, cheap and doesn’t rely on draconian punishments for deterrent. Why, it could even turn ordinary Wi-Fi hungry park goers into free dog poo collectors.

And just think of the savings if we can take all of those do-nothing park rangers and give them real jobs!

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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