Obama’s Pre-Election Pitch To Pet Owners Is Barking Up The Wrong Tree


In his latest reelection pitch the Obama campaign is reaching out to pet owners:

Committed pet parents have become just one of the microconstituencies that both presidential campaigns are attempting to woo for money and votes.

Among the other specially targeted groups are military families, stay-at-home moms, college students and various users of social media.

But perhaps no other pitch is quite as narrowly focused or unusual as that being made to pet owners.

Fashion icon Anna Wintour announced earlier this month that Marc Jacobs would design pet gear for the Obama campaign, an operation that was already pitching a catalog of pet garments, including “Cats for Obama” collars and an “Obama Dog” sweater, to help fill campaign coffers.

But whom are they targeting?

“Pet owners would likely fall into the moderate-to-high-income suburbanite group that is on the target list for both campaigns this cycle,” said Republican strategist Brian Donahue, who analyzes voter tendencies. “It’s not that far-fetched. Targeting what matters the most to these people truly makes a difference.”

With all due respect to Obama’s number crunching marketers, I think they are getting this demographic all wrong. Yes, these might be the slightly better off middle class families but as a Veterinarian I know a thing or two about these families and let me tell you, they are not the designer-dog-couture kind.

They might be earning a little more then average but these middle class families are the hardest working, highest taxed, least recognized families in the country. These are the ones struggling the hardest under the burden of a mortgage and children’s education. They have been hit the hardest by rising taxes, regulation and unemployment. In homes like that I am afraid Obama’s designer dog coats will not win the day.

And if you want to know what matters most to those families (I am speaking to Democrats and Republicans alike here) consider streamlining the draconian dog laws currently administered by a gang of over zealous, over-regulating tyrants, state and local. Consider investing into training more service dogs to help the military men and women risking their lives on the front lines. Consider revisiting the animal welfare laws to put ‘puppy factories’ out of business. And most of all, consider giving the families back the jobs – the means to earn a livelihood so there is never a terrible choice between paying for the needs of the family pet versus the household food and bills.

If you are looking for a vote winner, dear politicians, consider following this list. Empty rhetoric and designer dog fashion will not make the grade with us.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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