Virtual Dog Shows! What Will They Think Of Next: Virtual Veterinarians?

Turning your business ‘virtual’ by moving it entirely into cyberspace is not a new idea. Moving a dog show to cyberspace is another story:

‘Best in Shelter (, a nonprofit organization aimed at raising the public’s awareness of animal shelters, is pleased to announce the winning dogs of the first virtual dog show.

Visitors to Best in Shelter were encouraged to watch the videos and read the descriptions for every dog. According to the four participating shelters, the competition was successful not only in making potential owners aware of the merits of shelter pets, but in actually adopting the dogs featured on the site. According to the participating shelters, several of the dogs have been adopted.’

There are some great benefits in staging a dog show on the web – access to wider audience, saved travel time, reduction in the spread of contagious disease etc. You can also ‘Like’ the winner on Facebook.

Still, for the purists there is nothing like the feel and atmosphere of a real dog show.

To think of it, would a virtual dog show requite a virtual Veterinarian? I don’t know but if anyone is looking for one, this Veterinarian is pretty handy at writing good articles 🙂

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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