Ice Cream For Dogs? This Veterinarian Says ‘Bad Idea’

A new novelty item selling like hot cakes on the streets of Rome is ‘Doggy Gelato’:

‘This Italian ice cream for dogs contains no milk, eggs or sugar, which are harmful to canines. With temperatures in Rome topping 36 degrees Celsius (97 degrees Fahrenheit) this week, dogs are lapping up the icy treat at a pet supply store on the outskirts of the capital.

Dog-owner Anna Bordoni couldn’t resist a taste from her mutt Elsa’s cup and declared it “fantastic.”’

First of all, milk and eggs are not harmful to the dogs. Unless the dog has allergies or the like. However my concern goes further then that. The product is being explicitly marketed as a dog snack for hot days, in the same way as us humans enjoy an ice cream on a hot day. The problem is – the best thing to give your dog on a hot day is actually water. My concern is not that this product will do some sort of harm but that by giving this instead of water, harm will inadvertently be done to dogs.

So when you are sweltering in the heal – give your dog water. Not overpriced continental gimmicks.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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