‘Smart Pet’ – A Very Silly Toy Idea

I don’t mean to criticise the Japanese, after all they gave us Sushi, , the Walkman, and Samurai movies. It’s just that I can’t get into their taste for silly, gimmicky toys.

Remember the Tamagotchi? That annoying key-ring thing which would never shut up? Well, the ‘Smart Pet’ is an upgraded, improved version of the Tamagotchi which works by integrating with your iPhone.

You download an App, plug your iPhone into the ‘body’ of the device and play with a dog-like mechanical robot-toy.

The ‘Smart Toy’ is meant to be super high-tech, recognising hundreds of commands and responding with a variety of ‘facial expressions’ if you can call that the pencil drawing of a dog which pops up on your phone.

So taken with this toy are the Japanese that it just won the Tokyo Toy Show Award. Why? I don’t know. I guess the Japanese apartments are too small to house a real dog. Or maybe it’s a tool for coping with Japan’s childless society and demographic decline. Then again, if you ask me – just get a real dog instead. Or at least a real child. Maybe I am asking too much.

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