Flydogs – A Great Exercise, Not So Good For Your Dog’s Hips

Flydogs is a sport of dog frisbee catching with a bunch of jumps and pirouettes thrown in. And quite an entertaining sigh it is:

The dogs are encouraged to jump higher in the air once they become more confident.

Winners of the European Championships qualify for the World Disc Championships, which takes place in Tennessee in the US, in September this year.

One competitor noted: ‘It all depends on the perfect harmony between dog and handler.’

I love watching the jumps but I am a Veterinarian after all and watching the photos I couldn’t help but feel that this sport is a quick way to damage joints (maybe cause a cruciate ligament rupture) or cause long term damage and osteoarthritis.

I don’t mean to offend all the good fans of Flydogs out there but those leaps are bound to have an impact eventually.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne


  1. Patrick Zaya

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  2. strondor

    For someone who professes to have expertise in this field it is staggering that you incorrectly refer to this sport as “Flyball”. Flyball is a completely different canine sport altogether involving dogs retrieving a tennis ball and running over low hurdles. Please correct this mistake as you are maligning a sport that has dog welfare as its main priority. See : .

  3. strondor

    Thank you for your prompt action. I think however the title of the article still needs correcting, it currently reads “Flyball – A Great Exercise, Not So Good For Your Dog’s Hips”. Many thanks 🙂

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