Dog Beer! A Gimmick? – Yes. But With Potential.

No, it doesn’t have any alcohol. but apparently the dogs love it:

‘Bowser Beer is a non-carbonated mixture of meat-broth and malt barley, with glucosamine added for joint health.

“People have an incredible emotional bond with their dogs, so it’s just natural for people to want to include them and say, ‘My dog can have a beer too,'” Brown said.

Since then, she has shipped batches of beer nationwide, and dog-oriented businesses in 42 states have begun selling Bowser Beer, which now comes in a chicken-flavored variety, Cock-a-Doodle-Brew. The beer has taken off internationally, too, with a special edition selling in the pet section of London’s Harrods department store.’

I just love how Americans can find imaginative solutions to unemployment in the midst of the Financial Crisis.

You might think this beer idea is a gimmick, and it is. So why would a Veterinarian like me be writing about it? Because while reading the article I thought of a novel use for this product – as a flavouring agent for unpalatable dog medications and food. Come to think of it, I might write to the company and let them know.

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