Hey, William, Stop Treating Your Dog Like A Prince!

Look carefully on the photo above. Is it just me or is Prince William using his dog Lupo to communicate a message to Catherine his partner?

I would read the message as ‘I am really annoyed with you. I might as well get my emotional support from my dog.’

Catherine seems to be getting the message, too.

I remember in earlier news, Catherine was trying to teach Lupo some basic obedience with whistle training (no doubt to pass time while her hubby is on important assignments of the state).

I must admit, I don’t think Will’s training protocol is helping the case.

As i always say, there is nothing wrong with an occasional kiss but don’t treat your dog like a prince or he will think he is the head of the pack. This rule applies to Princes as well as to the rest of us.


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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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