Mr President. It’s Time To Bring Out The Dog!


A fascinating new study claims that American presidents choose carefully when and how the family dog is introduced to the public:

Along with periods marred by war, the study concludes that pets also tend to appear more often when a White House is plagued by scandal or controversy.

“What better way to get back in our good graces than for the president to be seen, alone, with only one loyal friend?” the study states. “Who are we to judge the president when the one who knows his soul can forgive him?”

It cites a famous 1998 photograph taken of President Bill Clinton walking his dog, Buddy, alongside his wife and daughter–just one day after the president admitted to having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. The report posits that the photo helped invoke an “image of family unity.”

“In time of war, (presidents and their pets) tell the country that they and the rest of the nation are in good hands,” the study says. “In times of personal scandal, they convince us that the president is ‘only human’.”

But when are the pets muzzled, so to speak?

Apparently when the stock market plunges, it’s time to bring out the dog cage. The study finds that White House animals tend to take a more low-key profile during economic downturns.

This pattern fits perfectly with President Obama’s use of the family dog Bo. Bo made an appearance early in the campaign coinciding with the President’s commitment to stay the course in Iraq.

Indeed, Bo has made a significant contribution to Obama’s reelection campaign. It is rumored that Norwegian government is about to award Bo the Nobel prize. Bo is also believed to have stood in for Obama in approving some of the more controversial Predator drone strikes. ‘That’s one woof for Yes, two woods for No, Mr President’. Did I just write that? Let’s hope Bo’s influence will only grow in the second term.

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