Steam Owens – A Review


Have you heard of steam owens? Maybe even considered installing one in your house? They are all the rage in the world off renovation and cooking. The most popular current model is AEG-Electrolux.

If so – listen up, I will tell you all the pros and cons of these new appliances.

‘But wait a minute.’ I hear you say ‘What would this Veterinarian know about owens?’

Guilty as charged. Truth be told, I am no renovator and even less of a cook (I do a mean meat balls though) but I have been using stem owens probably for longer then all the cooks put together… under a different name that is. You see, a steam Owen is nothing but an autoclave – a device used to sterilize medical instruments for surgery. And I have been using those for years.

So, let’s begin:

How they work

A regular owen works by heating up the air inside it which heats up the food. A steam owen removes the air and replaces it with super-heated steam. This mean cooking with more moisture and withmuch higher temperature.

The pros:

A steam owen will cook your meal QUICKER, and MOISTER then a regular owner can.

The cons:

First of all, forget browning your dishes in the owen. A steam owen can’t burn anything but it can’t brown anything either.

The other issue is servicing. How often have serviced iced your owen? Did I hear ‘never’? Me neither. But with a steam Owen you just can’t get away like that. Because it uses compressor, if you don’t service it on time (probably once a year) it could actually blow up one day. Now think about buying a house with a steam owen already installed. Will you trust the previous tenant to have serviced the unit properly? Yeah, think about it.

So the verdict is – nice idea, will make you the most succulent chicken you can imagine but maybe needs a little improvement before I will run out and buy one.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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