Pet Insurance – Why You Need It Now

Do you have an investment fund? Car insurance? Share portfolio?

Let me introduce another piece of your financial security puzzle – Pet Insurance.

I am writing about pet insurance not just because I am a Veterinarian because ultimately getting Pet Insurance is not a Veterinary decision – it’s a financial decision to protect your financial security.

Ask yourself this question:

‘Do you have $2000-4000 available right now to pay for your dog’s emergency care if required?’

A health emergency can happen to any animal – young or old, healthy or sick. And the Veterinary clinic will not be giving you interest fee days – you will need to pay on the spot. These days some Vets do offer payment plans but these usually attract very high interest (they are in essence personal loans).

In my Vet surgery I regularly meet crying owners who are faced with an agonising decision unable to pay for treatment they can’t afford.

Anyone with $4000 dollars in your bank account right now raise your hands (my hand is not going up).

So if you want to be responsible and protect your financial situation listen to my advice: get Pet Insurance.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne

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