How To ‘Urban-Proof’ Your Dog

Justin Silver, then dog trainer from ‘Dogs In The City‘  makes a living resolving dog problems of upmarket city dwellers. Indeed, as we all know city living is a tough gig. It’s no different for our two legged tenants.

As a big believer in ‘fixing it before it breaks’ approach to life, here is my list of how to make your dog city-proof. Before the problems hit.

  1. A good choice makes for a solid foundation. As in everything else, a good choice of puppy will set him up for a good life to come. Pick a placid puppy – not a bundle of nerves. A relaxed puppy will not run out barking the house down or hide in the corner growling. A relaxed puppy will come out and gently sniff you – the stranger to find out what you are all about.
  2. Socialize, socialize! City life is know for the unexpected. Be it new noises, sights or smells. Get ahead of the game by exposing your dog as a puppy to as many new places/people/dogs/cars etc. as possible. That way your puppy is much less likely to freak out later in life.
  3. Obedience is king. Obedience training begins from the day you bring your puppy home and last a lifetime! You can begin with the basic ‘sit-stay’ as early as at 8 weeks old (gently does it) and keep training daily for 10-20 minutes. Believe me, does wonders for your dog.
  4. Separation is part of the plan. We are all busy these days. The last thing you (and your neighbours) want is a dog barking all day long when you leave for work. So be prepared and get your puppy used to you leaving the house from day one. Trust me – dogs really can handle it.

Most of all – remember: a dog is a dog, weather on the farm or in the CBD. Dogs need discipline, structure and an assertive pack leader ( that means you). And you know what – dogs love it best that way.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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