Dogbook – Finally Something Usefull To Do On Facebook

I like to read stuff. Long stuff – like novels, text books and research papers. I guess that’s why being a Veterinarian works for me.

I do realize though, that lots of people don’t. Most of my friends get bored with long boring stuff. They much prefer to watch Youtube or looks a cute pictures of cats or something.

So how do you teach people like that useful things, like how to look after their dogs correctly? Answer: Dogbook.

It’s a Facebook app which combines cute pictures, jokes and useful dog care advice.

Overall I give this app a solid B+.

My little quibbles with this app are:

  1. For all of its’ Facebookiness it’s not very interactive. You get to consume the content but you can’t really contribute other then an occasional ‘Like’ or a one line comment.
  2. The amount of advertising is staggering. Everything has an add in it, even informational stuff. So you never know if you are getting unbiased advice or a marketing material from some dog food company.

Nevertheless, I like the idea of using social networking time to teach people helpful advice.

Just remember – the website you are currently reading (published by me – Dr Vadim) is unbiased and completely advertising-free 🙂

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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