Dog Rescues A 3 Year-Old Girl … Every Day

Diabetes is a terrible disease. It runs your life – what you can eat, where you can go. What’s worse – it lasts a lifetime without a possibility of a cure.

Now imagine that the diabetic is not an adult but your 3 year-old child. She can’t use a Glucometer and can’t tell you when she needs an injection. How can she cope? How can you as a parent ever stop worrying?

Enter Diabetes Detection dog! It sounds incredible but a dog can be trained to detect by scent the blood sugar level of a person. The only way Science can do it is with a drop of blood. But a dog can do it remotely, in real time:

‘A diabetic’s metabolism changes before a seizure induced by low blood sugar. This change smells subtly like ketosis, which is like nail polish remover. Dogs have extraordinary sensory abilities, and are able to smell more accurately than humans. The diabetic alert dogs are trained to act when the odor occurs, barking in alarm or licking its owner.

Sarah Wilson said that Ruby has saved Faith’s life several times in the last two years.

“She has absolutely saved Faith’s life more times than I can even count,” Wilson said.

Wilson said Ruby has drastically improved the family’s quality of life.’


I would suggest that without such dog that girl’s life would be constantly in danger.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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