Yoshi – A Ferret With A Golden Spine

Well, the implants in his back are probably made of stainless steel, not gold but all this still costs $5000.

Tasmanian woman Nicole Flint has spent $5000 on surgery for her pet ferret Yoshi

She transported Yoshi via courier about 200km to Tasmanian Animal Hospitals at Bellerive, where surgeon Chris Allfree and three assistants undertook the delicate 4.5-hour procedure on the 1kg ferret.

Dr Allfree said it was the first time he, or his colleagues, had operated on a ferret.

“We do about 10-15 spinal surgeries a year on dogs and the occasional cat, but only one ferret,” he said.

Yoshi means “virtuous” in Japanese, but whatever language you speak, it is clear Yoshi is one very lucky ferret.’

I must say I have some reservations about this. Ferrets are very flexible animals and their spines bend in incredible ways. Will this affect the results of the procedure? How much movement and leg control will Yoshi have after recovery?

Let’s hope this story has a happy ending but just don’t forget to ask questions when signing up for a surgery as major as this one.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne


  1. I’m happy to announce that Yoshi has taken his first solo steps today and i am confident of a full recovery. The distance between Ulverstone and Hobart is actually closer to 500kms one way.

  2. Nicole Flint

    We have some new video of Yoshi on our face book page, Van Deman Ferrets Tasmania


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