How To Get A Talented Dog

We all want our dog to be smart, a quick learner, full of talent – say, like Pudsey, the dog which won ‘Britain Got Talent’ show.

Obviously training is the key, but how do you start well? How do you choose a dog/puppy that will be a quick learner?

Here is some advice:

  1. Parents are the key. Obviously genetics play a role so when choosing a puppy make sure you get to look at both mum and dad. Are they well looked after? Obedient? Healthy? If you can’t see one or both of the parents ask why not.
  2. Choose the ‘middle’ puppy. By the ‘middle’ puppy I mean a puppy that is not towards either of the two extremes – too timid or too assertive. You don’t want a puppy that growls at you from the back of the cage or a puppy that bowls you over as soon as you come to the door: he didn’t ‘choose’ you. He probably does it to every person that comes to the door.
  3. Socialisation from day one! How early do you need to start socialising the puppy? The day you get him from the breeder. The vaccinations schedule can make it tricky as a young puppy should not be mixed with other dogs. So don’t mix with dogs – mix with people instead. Take your puppy out on the street, introduce him to people, cars, umbrellas, flying aeroplanes etc. Just not dogs.
  4. ‘Puppy pre school’ is a must. It gives your puppy to meet other dogs in a ‘safe’ environment and it gives you a chance to learn basic healthcare and obedience.
  5. Training, training, training. Like with any skill perseverance pays. Make training your puppy fun and do it every day.

If you are looking to add some dancing skills to your dog’s training routine, you might be interested in my post ‘Teach your dog to dance like Pudsey’.

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