Fight To Save ‘Un-Islamic’ Dogs Of Iran

For years now the brave Iranian dissidents have been fighting Ayatollahs’ Islamic oppression.

Now there is one more way the regime is suppressing freedom of expression in Iran: It’s banning pet dogs!

‘As part of police operations in Tehran, officers also issue warnings to dog owners walking their pets outside. In Sharia-ruled Iran, dogs are considered “impure.” Dozens of dogs in Tehran were round up last month and placed in quarantine.

First they came for the pet dogs…

I hope all the good dog owners out there are as outraged as I am.

I am actually thinking of starting a Facebook ’cause’ page to fight for the release of the innocent dogs from ‘quarantine’.

Now that I am thinking, what exactly are they in ‘quarantine’ from? Isn’t ‘quarantine’ is where they put all the dissidents?

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