Don’t Overlook The Danger Of Cat Bites!

With high profile dog attacks so often in the media, most people are well aware of the dangers of dog bites.

What’s little known is that cat bites are 50% more likely to result in severe infections and hospitalisation.

The next morning my hand hurt. I ignored it. But when I tried to pull my tights on, I couldn’t grip them to yank them up. My hand was red and swollen.
‘I couldn’t understand why they kept asking me about the tiny bites on my wrist. And then an X-ray revealed I had no fracture. 

‘We think your hand is infected,’ the nurse explained. 

A cat bite is much worse than a dog or rat bite. It’s the worst animal in the UK to be bitten by

‘Their mouths are filthy, swimming in bacteria. But because it’s so rare that they bite, it’s not widely talked about.’

I told them Mr Fluff lives in a gorgeous Chelsea townhouse, eats the finest  cat food and never goes out, so surely I must be safe. 

I listened, half amused, as they told me I would go for a ‘wash out’ the next morning under general anaesthetic. The procedure sounded innocuous, so why would I need a general?’

While the direct damage of a dog bite is instantly visible to all, the danger of cat bits is in the dangerous bacteria they carry in their mouths. This bacteria can cause severe, sometimes life threatening skin infections in humans.

The lessons is – don’t underrate cat bites, even from your own cat! Always visit a Doctor if bitten.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne

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  1. I have had two cats cremated. I think the cost ran beewten $50 and $60. It will also depend on what you have the remains sealed in. Be sure to do some checking on crematoriums. I have heard some pretty terrible stories about how deceased animals are treated at some facilities.Get some recommendations from your vet and check them out. Typically, veterinarians will use a specific crematorium.

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