Could ‘Pet Bond’ Be The Solution To The Suffering Of Renters With Dogs?

Ask any renter with a dog and they will willingly tell you: Finding pet-friendly rental property is a nightmare!

I can understand the landowners’ concerns that an irresponsible tenant with a dog could ruin their investment. The problem is – thousands of responsible dog owners suffer as a result of unscrupulous few.

Now an innovative NSW idea could put an end to all that:

The renter pays a ‘Pet Bond’ to be retained by the owner if the property is damaged by the dog.

It will cost more upfront, yes but many dog owners I know are willing to pay more just to secure accommodation. Plus the bond would be refunded if no damage is done.

A stroke of genius? I say Yes!

‘PET registration fees would rise and tenants could pay a “pet bond” to keep cats and dogs at rental properties under a policy shake-up to be considered by the state government.

 The changes, designed to slash the number of dogs and cats destroyed at pounds each year, would also streamline pet registration and microchipping and crack down on “puppy farmers” who breed dogs in overcrowded conditions.’

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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