Stop Reading This Blog And Get A Dog Instead!

A revealing article in the Australian discussed the epidemic of loneliness and internet-fuelled disconnection:

‘Yet, with almost a quarter of Australians living alone it is all too easy to live a lonely life.

This study last year found 35 per cent of Australian men and 29 per cent of Australian women report that loneliness is a serious problem for them.

It is no surprise then that to assuage our feelings of disconnect more and more people are connecting to the internet.

As of February 2012, Tumblr reports having over 46 million blogs while WordPress hosts over 72 million.’

What’s the solution? Obviously the best way to fight loneliness is to replace internet connections with genuine human connection. If this goal seems impossible, research shows that interacting with a pet (a dog or a cat) can greatly improve emotional health of a person. It sure beats on-line interaction.

So stop reading this blog and get a dog (or a cat) instead!

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne

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  1. nanawith2dogs

    Good advice! I totally agree and IMO we are all losing the human connection with our device addictions. Many studies show the medical and emotional benefits of having a companion animal, so we fight on to get our governments to allow pets in condo’s, apartments, senior complexes and out of Shelters!

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