Don’t Blame The Dog – Blame The Animal On The Other End Of The Lead

‘A BALLARAT magistrate has condemned pit bulls being kept as family pets, saying the animals put lives at risk.

Magistrate Michelle Hodgson made the comments earlier this morning when sentencing two dog owners in Ballarat Magistrates Court.

Renee Reynolds, 22, pleaded guilty to seven charges including have a dog attack another dog and causing serious injury.

Peta-Michelle Kalisperis, 37, pleaded guilty to four charges including a dog attack on a person causing serious injury.’

I have a suspicion here – I have a feeling that the Magistrate would rather be scolding the human offenders but a certain fear (or political correctness perhaps) is forcing her to redirect the anger at the dogs instead.

I know that Pit Bulls can be dangerous but here we are dealing with repeat-offending humans with clear disregard for other people and the rule of law.

Maybe someone should take the Magistrate aside and bring her attention to the animal holding the other end of the lead.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne


  1. This is the problem right here. So called professionals advocating for a dangerous breed. Stop pretending like everyone came down in the last shower and acknowledge the fact that Pitbulls kill and maim men women and children on a weekly basis, dont believe me visit my website, – It is a sick propaganda that the Pidiots have been spreading for over 100 years, and I hate to tell you, there is a new breed of human pitbull ready to challenge every piece of BS you throw around. So be prepared to euthanize plenty more Pitbulls.

    • Dear Luke,
      I have long argued against the claims that anti – Pit Bull campaigners are a bunch of paranoid, ignorant loud-mouths. Your comments make it harder for me to advance that argument.

      • The problem is your definition of a Pitbull! and your bias towards saving a breed of dog over that of human lives! Your advice on surviving an attack is useless, especially when faced with multiple pitbulls. There is a certain way to defend yourself unarmed against an attacking Pitbull – but you wont find that information on your site, because you don’t have any experience with attacking Pitbulls – any time you want to meet a victim let me know, I will be more than happy to introduce you!

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