The Killing Of A Zoo-Keeper By An Elephant Is No ‘Accident’

Helen Schofield

‘A zoo owner was crushed to death in an elephant’s trunk after the animal she had spent two years nursing back to health picked her up and lifted her into the air

An accident maybe in a sense that wild animals can not be viewed as acting maliciously so all of their actions against humans are in a way an ‘accident’.

But this viewpoint doesn’t help us to understand how a situation like this could have occurred. Helen Schofield – the founder of the zoo and a Veterinarian should have known better. Her ‘zoo’ is more of a half-way home for injured and traumatised circus animals. The comments made on the zoo website hint at inappropriate relationship between the animal and the zoo keepers:

She is responding well by presenting feet for care, all parts of her body for washing, rub downs and other health care procedures.” Says the website. Is this an appropriate way to care for a wild animal?

Elephants are never ‘tame’ or ‘obedient’ or ‘trained’. They are a wild animal and should be expected to act unpredictably at any time. No handle should have ever been allowed to to share a space with an elephant without a protective barrier between them.

This was a tragic accident waiting to happen.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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