Dogs, Unions, Microchips: The Result Is… Disappointment

As my European friends will agree – whatever the news story, a Union is always close by. In this case the Posties Union has a view on compulsory dog microchipping in England:

‘A union representing postal workers has welcomed plans to introduce compulsory microchipping of dogs in England – but says they were “well overdue”. 

Billy Hayes, general secretary of the CWU, said: “It’s about time the law bit back to protect innocent dog attack victims.

Thousands of postal workers and telecom engineers – along with other workers who go on to private property, and parents of small children – will sigh in relief at this announcement.

Great Idea! Now all that’s needed is for every Postman to carry a portable microchip reader and discretely scan the dog while it is lunging at their jugular.

Sorry guys but real life doesn’t work like that. As a Veterinarian practicing in a country that had compulsory microchipping for nearly ten years now I can tell you that microchips are great to rehoming dogs to  responsible owners. The key word here is responsible – but then they are the the ones who microchip their dogs already. Microchip are useless for resolving dog aggression problems because no-one is crazy enough to be able to scan the microchip on an aggressive dog. Maybe the union should do something original – like ask someone who knows.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne


  1. perhaps the scanner do something more than scan…perhaps the scanners actually neutralize agressive dog behavior, either way a responsible owner simply keeps an eye on their dog.

    • Well, it would be nice if the microchip readers did something useful – like administer vaccinations and clean up dog poo. For the moment, my friend they just scan the microchip.

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