Hi-Tech Canines Go Into Battle

We all know that special forces troops use cutting edge technology to improve their lethal reach. What you may not know is that the same technology is now being used to assist battlefield dogs.

Dogs now wear bullet proof body armour, night vision cameras, communications equipment and even titanium fangs. The last item is a misnomer by the way – the fangs (replacement canines) are not some kind of extra-strength biting implement but simply a replacement for damaged or broken teeth. I was involved in putting some of them in (they are available on the market for use by anyone) and they are not nearly as good as the real thing.

That blue protrusion on the photo above is not a camera by the way, it’s an infra-red identification light to alert friendly troops and prevent the dog from being shot by his own side.

It is interesting that after years of perfecting robotic tools the military now admits that these devises are vastly inferior to what a battlefield dog can do. Expect to see the numbers of army dogs in Afghanistan etc. increasing rapidly.

UPDATE: That cool dog gear is freely available by the way. I am seriously thinking about enquiring for the price.

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