Animal Brutality A Cultural Barometer Of Nations?

Before you read the following article consider that the US has given Pakistan $2.2 billion dollars in civilian aid alone:

In villages such as these, fights between bulldogs, known as ‘booly’ in Punjabi, provide one of the few forms of entertainment while crops grow.
The rules are brutally simple, the dogs fight until one bleeds to death, runs off, or until the owner takes pity and withdraws the animal from battle, handing the opponent victory.

Winning owners can get small prizes such as trophies, cell phones, or televisions while some organisers give prize money ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 100,000, depending on what the organisers can afford. “We organise these festivals because we love dog fights. Every organiser chooses his own or associates’ land in the village to stage these fights. It’s a hobby of the powerful,” said Abdul Ghaffar, a local organiser.

A champion like Moti, whose name means pearl, costs hundreds of dollars a month in food and requires extensive training before the annual fighting season, which runs from late September to late March. Hussain explains Moti’s complicated, and expensive diet…

…Traders set up tea and snack stalls around the field. There are organised parking contracts and every fight is filmed. Videos of major fights go on sale.

There is an unwritten calendar of meets, and every fan, dog owner and stallholder knows when and where to ship up within 200 kilometres.

“I go to every fight and set up my stall everywhere. I earn around Rs 3,000 a day which is much more than what I get from my shop,” Ishtiaq Ahmed, 45, told AFP.

There will be those who claim that this kind of cultural brutality has ’causes’ – you know: poverty, illiteracy, etc. But reading this makes me wonder – if this is a kind of society the West chooses to reward with no-strings-attached cash, are we backing the wrong dog in this fight?


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