Mystery Dog Poisonings – The Answer May Be Closer Then You Think

I am often sometimes by distraught owners who suspect that their dog has been poisoned. Most of the time the cause turns out to be something else, but sometimes not:

‘Five dogs from the same street have been killed by a mystery poisoner who left meat laced with pesticide in their owners’ gardens.

One mother described how she came home to find two of her dogs dead on the kitchen floor, and a third dying in agony.

The horrific incident came just weeks after two dogs belonging to another family in the same road were killed in two separate poisonings. Their third pet has twice survived.

Their other dog, Roxy, has survived being poisoned twice in the intervening period. The families’ vet, Michael Shewring, confirmed that in the McGuire case the pork loin steaks from the garden were ‘coated in something suitably evil and suspicious’, which he believed was pesticide.

He said: ‘For two dogs to go from young, fit and healthy to seizing uncontrollably, there’s no doubt these dogs were maliciously poisoned.’

West Yorkshire Police has appealed for information and said inquiries were ongoing.’

The first thing to do in that situation is to request an autopsy. This will help to determine the cause of death and sometimes point to the nature of the poison used. Dr Shewring is taking a great leap of faith claiming dogs’ symptoms as proof without an autopsy.

Next is the question who could have done such a thing. Looking at the aerial photo I see a dead end street with lots of house packed close together. I would bet that the culprit is a disgruntled neighbor living on the same street as the victims. In my experience more often then not the culprit is living just under the noses of the victims.

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