Absurd Law Used To Punish Absurd Crime

‘An environmental activist has appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court accused of failing to kill an injured duck.

Anthony Murphy, 56, tried to save an injured duck after it was shot during last year’s duck shooting season at wetlands near Kerang, in Victoria’s north.

He was planning to take the duck to a vet, but it died shortly after being pulled out the water.’

Asking a lay person to perform a ‘home euthanasia’ on an injured animal is irresponsible and wrong. The first obligation when an injured animal is found is to take the animal immediately to a Veterinarian where appropriate care (including euthanasia if needed) will be administered, which is precisely what the accused was doing at the time.

If Victorian State Government wants to counter duck shooting protesters they need to do it with arguments, not with ridiculous legal threats.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne


  1. Lyn

    I dont understand this. In February whe a swan was shot with an arrow, it made headlines. It apparently horrified police, the RSPCA, and judging by the letters written to the papers most of the public. The woman who rescued it was labled a hero (and rightly so). When some swans were stoned by teenagers a year earlier we saw the same responce, people horrified by the sensless cruelty. Yet here we have someone trying to save a native bird that has been injured, by taking it to a qualified vet. I understand that sometimes woundes birds cannot be saved, and euthenasia is needed to end the suffereing of the bird (or any animal). I also happen to know that sometimes wounded birds can be saved and are rehabilitaed and re released. The point is Tony Murphy is not a qulaified vet, and was taking to bird to a vet for a qualified person to assess its condition. The injury was caused by the shooter who shot it and left it to die, (who was NOT charged), How is that fair. Tony Murphy should be given the same hero status that Mandy Hall recieved when she rescued that injured swan. Those that wound an animal or bird and leave it to suffer should be the ones held accountable, Those that go out of there way to take an inocent creature to seek medical aid, do not deserve to to punished.

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