Could This Royal Be The Most Dangerous Yet?

‘Since the Duchess of Cambridge revealed a cocker spaniel as her pet of choice, interest in the breed has surged by 50 per cent.’

To all those (royal) dog lovers out there thinking of running out and buying themselves a cocker spaniel, I think you should first read this:

‘Cocker Rage’:

Dr Ilana believes that there are a group of dogs who exhibit extreme uncontrolled aggression that is way beyond the “typical” aggressive responses for dominant or territorial dogs. I think that these rages probably occur in many breeds, but that Springer and Cockers are over-represented among these breeds.’

First of all, let me say that the majority of cocker spaniels are nice, friendly and well behaved dogs. ‘Cocker rage’ is rare and affects in my experience maybe 1-2% of the spaniel population. However, my North American colleagues tell me that it is on the rise. I have seen ‘cocker rage’ myself and know just how terrifying it is. It is definitely not just a matter of dominance and poor breeding but in my opinion – a random, explosive, unpredictable, aggressive behavior resembling a seizure.

To those of you interested to know more, people in the industry also talk about ‘Grade Dane rage’.

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Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne
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