Moving With A Dog: To Do List

An excellent article sums up well how you can prepare your dog for a house move and minimise the stress and anxiety:

‘It may sound foolish to some people but any true dog lover knows your dog listens to what you have to say. He may not understand every word, but he is certainly able to get the gist of the message. Keep in mind your dog reacts to your emotional state and unless you’re made of concrete or steal, chances are the move is stressing you out. Your pup may respond to your new emotional trauma with skittish or anxious behavior he never seemed to exhibit before. Spend time telling him about the move and try to get him used to the words, move, new home and packing. Comfort your cuddly critter as he will need it once he sees all his belongings being packed into boxes. Tell him all will be ok and you are just moving to a new home.

If possible, you may want to take your pup to your new home before moving day. Let him explore the new sights, sounds and scenery to become familiar with his new surroundings.  It’s likely you won’t be able to go inside your new place, but take your furry pal around the new neighborhood or grounds to sniff and search.  Remember when you are excited, so is he so get excited about your new home. Tell him how excited you are and show him in your best human to dog voice; it’s going to be a good move.  If it’s feasible, leave an old toy of his behind at your new residence. When you return, your dog will be able to associate his toy with his first exploratory experience in your new digs.’

Read the whole thing.

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