Education Is The Key To Animal Welfare In Indonesia

A new video (embedded in the link) emerged today showing Indonesian slaughter-men taunt and injure a cow in a crush-pen before slitting its’ throat. The cow is seen convulsing and vocalising minutes after the slaughter.

A number of Australian journalists seized upon the footage to question the equipment used by the Indonesian abattoirs and the level of Australia’s monitoring over the practice. For example, the Mark 1 slaughter box seen used in the video has been criticised as inappropriate equipment.

In reality the criticism is misplaced. As a Veterinarian familiar with slaughter practices I can say with confidence that the equipment shown in the video can be used effectively to achieve humane slaughter. Moreover, humane slaughter can be performed with no slaughter box at all by experienced and trained staff.

What immediately stood out to me is the complete lack of professional conduct by the abattoir workers in the video. Their behaviour and methods are not only inhumane but counter-productive and dangerous. The solution to Indonesian abattoir problem is not Australian equipment or certification. The solution is education.

About Dr Vadim Chelom

Dr Vadim is a house call Veterinarian in Melbourne

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  1. Lily

    Indonesia? Hopeless. trust me, I am indonesian. My people dont like, dont want learn anything. Oh, we will learn if there are personal gain behind. dont care bout other creatures

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