Dog Attack An Unfortunate Accident?

Parents claim a death of a baby by a dog bite is an unfortunate accident. I have no reason to disagree:

‘They had locked the dog in its kennel in the basement and put their sleeping baby in his crib, Donald said. But somehow the dog escaped and went to investigate when the baby woke up crying. It was not a vicious attack, she said, and the same bite wouldn’t have killed an older child.

The parents believe the dog may have been trying to care for the child, she said.

“When dogs grab their young, they grab them there to pull them in,” said Donald, who came to know the Fradettes through the dogsledding community in southern Alberta.

She said the nine-year-old female dog, a Siberian husky, had previously delivered four litters of its own puppies.’

In truth, we will never know what the motivation of that dog may have been. The essential point here is the aggressive or not – dogs and babies must never mix without strictest supervision.

After communicating this message in my post ‘Your Dog And Your New Baby’. I have received a number of messages along the lines of: ‘This is rubbish, my dog would never do that.’ Indeed, it may be out of character for your dog to attack or injure a person. Nevertheless we must remember – dogs are living being and as such they are unpredictable.  We must never delude ourselves into believing that we can understand, let alone predict our dog’s actions.

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