Anyone Up For Some Responsibility? Anyone?..

Injured Boy

‘An assembly member is to lead a Senedd debate later on introducing compulsory microchipping for dogs in Wales.

Cardiff North AM Julie Morgan wants the Welsh government to introduce new laws to force dog owners to take responsibility for their pets.

She said her campaign, launched last September, was sparked by a dog attack on a young boy in her constituency.

“The little boy’s injuries were horrifying and the trauma he suffered was dreadful,” she said…Speaking before the debate Mrs Morgan said it was within the power of the assembly to legislate on the microchipping of dogs.

The process would help responsible owners when their dogs got lost and also prevent those less responsible denying ownership, she said…’

It appears extraordinary to me that there are still places in the developed world where microchipping of dogs is not compulsory. A dog can be a lethal weapon. Surely we would want the owners to take responsibility for their dogs by providing appropriate socialisation and training. I can only imagine that politics is at play here.

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