Dangerous is Dangerous. End of Story


The Victim

But as Rea and Lassie took their usual lap around the street, three large dogs – a pit bull and two Rottweilers – rushed the pair and grabbed the small spaniel.

“They attacked my dog,” Rea said. “I was kicking the dog’s heads, and I was scared because I thought they would attack me.”

Roger McDonald, who lives nearby, witnessed the attack as he was driving out of the neighborhood.

 “One of the dogs had [Lassie] by the neck, and the other had her by her hind legs,” McDonald said.  “It appeared the dog was already dead at that point.”

You may have thought that a dog that once behaved dangerously will be treated as such, bot apparently not in Virginia.

‘Morman was convicted in October on three misdemeanor charges of letting his dogs run at large, court records stated. 

Another issue of dissention at the meeting were two Virginia laws – the dangerous and vicious dog laws.  An unprovoked attack or injury on a person or the killing of a companion pet – as in the case of Lassie – could lead a judge in court to deem the offending dog as ‘dangerous’, imposing restrictions on the dog owner such as fencing and the requirement of a muzzle to be worn in public, Shatswell said.

The vicious dog law, which could be seen as a ‘step up’, is declared on a dog if it kills, or significantly injures, a human, Shatswell said.  A dangerous dog killing a second dog or committing another violation could also upgrade the dog to being declared vicious in court, officials said.

Morman’s dogs were not declared dangerous prior to Lassie’s death, officials said.’

The bottom line is – a dog that attacked once should be treated as dangerous from then onwards. Anything less is playing with fire.

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  1. When I was in Ukraine. Few dogs barked. And almost no dogs growled.

    It was eerie. The communists socialize their dogs so that they are not hyper aggressive. Or, are our dogs aggressive like their owners?


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